Own a business? We understand your requirements, which includes a great deal of commitment, which is why our corporate plan is the perfect solution for companies looking to scale their business with content marketing.

Hands-on Account Management

At The Infinity Ink Service by JSF, you’re not just getting content on time; you’re getting people. Each corporate project is assigned a dedicated account manager to oversee every step of the process. Our Content Success team ensures all content meets or exceeds your expectations.

Sustainable Content That Grows with Your Business

We specialize in supplying evergreen content. Foundational content provides a wealth of SEO benefits that ensure your business perpetually stays ahead of search engine rankings for years to come, without any additional investment.

We Know Your Goals

Our mission is to know your company as well as you so that we can deliver expertly written content that is on brand every single time. Before a single word is written, our Content Strategy team conducts a multi-step evaluation of your company’s needs and goals.

Here are just a few of the additional benefits our enterprise clients enjoy:

  • Free topic pitching from writers who know your industry
  • Brand voice effectuation to really connect your company to your audience
  • Dedicated account manager to ensure your needs are met
  • A seamless content platform that delivers your content within days
  • 100% satisfaction policy